RESOURCE #1 – Annual Credit Report is the best internet resource to use in order to obtain a FREE credit report (credit file disclosure) once every 12 months. You are allowed to request a free credit report from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Not every state provides free credit reports, but if your state does you can get access to the credit reports through the annual credit report request service found on the website. You can also request a free annual credit report by phone or mail and have it will be mailed to you within 15 days. However, if you use the website form you can receive a report immediately.

RESOURCE #2 – National Foundation for Credit Counseling

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) was founded in 1951. The NFCC promotes financial responsibility, financial education, and financial counseling. The NFCC operates the most well known and largest national nonprofit credit counseling network. The network has more than 100 Member agencies and more than 900 offices in communities throughout the country. Each year the NFCC network members assist more than two million consumers to reduce their debt and take back control of their finances. If you are a homeowner in trouble with your mortgage payments, the NFCC website also provides resources to help you get immediate assistance to avoid foreclosure.

RESOURCE #3 – Debt Advice is a service provided by The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), and it is designed to help consumers learn and understand the best use of credit. If necessary, the website has resource that can help you find a trained, certified counselor who can assist you with debt relief and management. They will assist you in finding trained and certified counselors who can help you develop your plan to become debt free.

RESOURCE #4 – Lifelock

If you are looking to save money you have to protect your identity. Lifelock provides a very cost effective and simple credit protection program with a guarantee. Lifelock is not just a credit monitoring service. Lifelock provides a service to assist you in recovery in the event that some sort of identity theft actually happens. In addition, it provides assistance up to 1 million dollars in the process of recovering your identity. If you want to save money on the Lifelock service just do a Google search for Lifelock coupons.

RESOURCE #5 – Clark Howard

Clark Howard is nationally known syndicated radio host that does a show that focuses on consumer protection. His website has numerous resources to help protect people from getting ripped off by unscrupulous people. The Clark Howard website has loads of information that you can use to help you save money. In addition, the personal finance section of his website gives excellent advice for those looking to better manage there money. He also provides free information on investing, credit issues and retirement. If you need help with some sort of financial problem you can submit a request online and the Clark Howard staff will do what they can to help you out.

RESOURCE #6- Bill Handel Suppose you are in a financial situation and need an attorney. Where do you go? Well, if you have a friend or family member that can recommend a trust worthy attorney then by all means use them. However, if you are not sure, you can turn to Bill Handel. We have followed him for years and find his advice and referrals to be top notch. For example, you can do a search by location, area of practice to find a local attorney. In addition, you can also submit an overview of your case to Bill Handel’s team to see if you even have a case to pursue. If you are still not sure about Bill Handel’s approach to legal issues have a listen to his radio show.

RESOURCE #7 – Free Financial Advice

Free-Financial is a website designed to help people get sound financial help and advice. The operators have over fifteen years of experience in finances, budgeting, and investment advice. They teach a set of rules for personal financial freedom that they call “The Rules of Financial Management”. They list the rules clearly on the website and provide additional in depth information on each rule or guideline. They challenge their reads to do the following: abide by their simple set of rules, use the financial advice, and take a look at your current lifestyle choices. By doing this the reader will have a very high chance of building wealth, saving money and of succeeding financially.

RESOURCE #8 – That Money

The That Money website was founded by WatchThat Media Limited. It is a free personal finance site designed to help readers learn about finances and improve their financial health. The best part of this website is that it provides free financial articles and various free tools to help you learn budgeting, investing, and credit improvement. The site is updated often and provides the latest information. Also you can receive a newsletter and participate in the forum and get further assistance if you need it. Go there now so that you can immediately start searching for information that you can use to help you in your financial situation.

RESOURCE #9 – Crown Financial

This site has a tremendous number of resources to help you manage your personal finances. Crown Ministries is a faith based organization dedicated to helping people live financially responsible lives. What Crown ministries does is train volunteers who can help you set up a budget and get your finances in order. They also offer materials for small groups and individuals to learn about financial management principles. The website has a ton of FREE resources such as a mortgage calculator that will show you how much money you can save by making extra payments on your mortgage. Other resources include: a radio show, newsletter, free financial articles, free will planning kits, and free forms and pamphlets that you can download and use for financial planning and budgeting. Go to the site and search their library you will be surprised at just how much useful financial information that this site has.